Sunday 29 April 2012

TUSC breaks through the media silence

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition is standing a list of leading trade unionists and anti-cuts campaigners on the London-wide list (on the orange ballot paper) in Thursday's election for the Greater London Assembly. I am proud to be on that list as a member of the NUT Executive - although in a personal capacity.

We are offering a real alternative to the agenda of cuts and privatisation of all the main parties. Given the serious challenge we offer, it's no real surprise that the media have been trying to throw a blanket of silence over the campaign.

But TUSC organiser Paula Mitchell managed to seize her chance on the BBC's Question Time last week. Have a look on:

TUSC also has election broadcasts to watch and share. Have a look at the long version:

or, if you're in a  hurry, the 2 minute broadcast:

We need our own political voice, a trade unionist who will stand up in that Assembly and hold the Mayor - whoever is elected - and the Assembly members to account - and send them a clear message that trade unionists will fight their cuts!

So remind your family, friends, workmates and trade union colleagues to vote TUSC on May 3!

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