Sunday 18 March 2012

London Pensions Strike Materials to download

As Secretary of Lewisham NUT as well as NUT Executive member, I am uploading useful materials on the Lewisham NUT website home-page:

As the website reports, support is coming in from across England and Wales for the London strike. Lewisham NUT has been twinned with the City of Leicester NUT Association who will be sending in messages of support and collections.

Other individual messages of support are already coming in. Here's just one of them:
"I just wanted to send my support to all London NUT members who are taking strike action on 28th March and leading the fightback against these unfair and vicious cuts. The majority of the NUT members I have spoken to, here in Carmarthenshire (South Wales), were expecting to take action to defend our pensions. Unfortunately, we have not (yet) been given the choice to go on strike. Therefore, I pledge one days pay to the Lewisham NUT hardship fund".

Here are the links to some of the materials which can help us build the strike:

For the answers to queries about taking strike action, look on the Lewisham NUT pensions page:

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