Friday 2 March 2012

Make sure to vote YES YES to defend pensions this weekend!

Have you received your pensions survey at your home address?
It should have arrived by now in a white envelope from Electoral Reform Services.

If you haven’t received it, please ring 020 7380 6300 during office hours or email, giving your name, school and home address to request a new one.

Have you remembered to send it off?
Thank you if you have already voted. If you haven’t, and we’ve all got so many other things to think about in a working week, you may have put the survey to one side. Please find it over the weekend and send it off – or text or use online voting.

The survey closes on Wednesday 14 March so the last date to safely post it is Sat. 10 March – but you can vote by phone or on-line right up until 10am on 14 March.

Please vote YES to continuing the campaign and YES to further action.
If you want to know more before you vote:

  • The Government still wants you to pay more, work longer and get less pension.
  • Workload is already at intolerable levels. Who can possibly teach at 68? 
  • Most will have to retire long before their pension age - and have many thousands more robbed from their pension entitlements.
  • If we let these plans go through, teachers will soon be losing around a day’s pay every single month in extra contributions.
  • If we stop our action, we will give the Government confidence to press ahead with all their other attacks too – more observations, more pressure, more pay cuts, more workload …
  • We have won some concessions already – but we can, and must, force them to give more.
  • That means taking further action – starting with joint action on March 28.
  • After Easter, we will extend and continue our campaign with further targeted and national action.
  • In both June and November, our strikes were well-supported by the public. We can win public support again for our continuing campaign.
  • UCU lecturers; UCAC, EIS, SSTA teachers in Wales and Scotland; PCS, UNITE, NIPSA civil servants – they are also all preparing for action on March 28.
  • The Government is NOT strong – they are under pressure over the NHS, Workfare and more .... with more action, we can win much more !

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