Sunday 25 March 2012

March 28 teachers' strike - a message to parents

Teachers can’t work until they’re 68
… and nor can nurses, firefighters, council workers  …

On March 28, members of the National Union of Teachers right across London are again having to take strike action to protect our pensions from Government cuts.
We know that this may be awkward for parents and students but we hope you will understand why we are having to do this.

From next month, the Government will be cutting teachers’ pay. They want to make us pay MORE for our pensions - but they’ll be paying us LESS pension when we retire.

They also want to raise the age of retirement to 68 or even 70 ! How can anyone be expected to teach classes of thirty or more children at that age?

We know we’re not alone in facing cuts. Teachers will be marching down Whitehall with ex-Fords (Visteon) car workers who are also fighting for pensions justice. We hope our fight can help protect other workers from cuts too.

To find out more about the Visteon Pensioners Campaign:

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