Thursday 22 March 2012

Work until you die - or fight until we win!

This morning's London Metro headline will hopefully be further inspiration to NUT and UCU members across London to make sure that they are on strike next Wednesday in their tens of thousands.
The Metro article confirms what the NUT have warned all along - that Osborne, Gove and Cameron have no intention of halting the increases in pension ages at 68. However, when we have warned about them rising to 70, we were sadly underestimating the Tories' viciousness. Now, the Metro talks of pension ages rising to 80!

They really do want teachers to be carried out of the classroom in a box - or for teachers to have to hand over to the Treasury most of the pension that we have paid in for - when we are forced to retire into poverty by leaving long before we reach our full pension age.

We CAN'T work until 68 - and certainly not 70 or more. So we HAVE to carry on our pensions fight - and that's exactly what teachers and lecturers in London WILL be doing on March 28.

The reports are now coming in from across London of NUT groups confirming their support for action and schools announcing their closure as a result. We also have confirmed details of the demonstration on March 28 through the heart of London:
+ Assemble at 11am at Malet Street WC1E (Goodge Street tube)
+ Demo sets off at midday - down Shaftesbury Ave, Leicester Square ...
+ At Trafalgar Square we will meet up with ex-Fords pensioners also marching for Pensions Justice
+ March down Whitehall past Parliament
+ Rally outside Department of Education in Great Smith Street, Westminster.

So if you're a striking teacher or lecturer, a trade unionist also fighting for your future, or any worker facing their state pension being robbed from you, MARCH WITH US ON MARCH 28!

Here's just one of many messages of support that are coming in from across the country:

On behalf of the Executive of Coventry NUT, we would like to extend our solidarity to all NUT members across London, but in particular those members of Lewisham NUT whom we have twinned with, for your strike action on March 28th which is so very important. We have asked our members to practically support you with donations of money for your Hardship Funds as well as messages of support.

We are hoping to send some members down on Wednesday and march with you with our banner.
We know you have a huge responsibility to bear and we acknowledge the stand you are making as the first Region to be called out. Thank you.

On behalf of the 1800 members of Coventry NUT

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