Tuesday 20 March 2012

London - we can't afford NOT to strike

Updated FAQs on the March 28 strike have been posted on the NUT website on: http://www.teachers.org.uk/files/nut-pensions-camp-key-facts-and-faq-for-nut-reps-london-action.pdf

Here's a key fact worth remembering:

Will I lose money when I go on strike?
A day’s pay will be deducted – 1/365 of your annual pay minus taxes etc for school teachers (some other members may have different deductions specified in their contracts). You can work out the deduction by dividing your monthly take home pay by 30 if you are full time. Then compare it to the amount you’d lose every month using the NUT pension loss calculator.

For example if your salary is £36,000 you’d lose around £68 by taking one day of strike action whereas by April 2014 your contributions will have gone up by £73 a month.

Taking action on 30 June and the threat of further action has delivered £1,000 a year for life in return for two days’ loss of pay for many members. Taking action does achieve results but we need to keep up the pressure.

... but for those in real difficulties, some London NUT Associations have set up hardship funds and donations are being promised by other Associations from outside London.  For example, Hull NUT rang me today to suggest a £500 donation could be on its way.

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